Happy Belated New Year

Hello I was suppose to write this on New Years day but unfortunately I have been sick all week. So sick I could not even get out of my bed. I am feeling somewhat better. I can actually get up and move around with out the room spinning.  Anyways I just wanted to thank all the followers/readers of my blog for an amazing year or half a year with the Bryson family. Unfortunately as you all know the Bryson Family is gone. Even though I lost my amazing sim legacy family. I made it to generation 4 and I am proud of that. This blog was the first time I had ever written about my sims or anything for that matter. I fell in love with sharing my stories with other simmers and story writers. Even though I lost my first legacy family I don’t plan to give up I have decided to start a new legacy the Hamilton Legacy. Go and check it out.  Once again thank you to all my readers and a Happy new year to you all. 🙂